Adlar Datalab


Data Lab can add value to your organization through following portfolio of services.

Data Gathering

  • After understanding the objective, we will work with your team in developing best approach of data gathering.
  • Based on the scope of project, we gather data through process review, system logs, interviews and surveys.
  • To ensure confidentiality and only authorized use of survey results we use in-house survey tools instead of relying on a third party.

Data Processing

  • Data processing costs enormous IT and Human resources, organizations remove teams from their day to day tasks and assign these team members to data processing to meet the sudden challenges.
  • We provide IT infrastructure and other required resources to process the data so your staff can continue serving your clients through delivering day to day tasks..

Data Mining

  • Skills and tools needed to gather , process and mine data are scarce and cost a lot.
  • Having these resources full time for a few projects are not cost affective, that’s where Data Lab adds value as we have IT and Team resources available to understand and deliver per your needs.

Process Mining

  • Process mining is the tool to identify the areas which require management
  • Businesses are trying to have lean processes to increase efficiency and reduce cost.
  • The exercise include review of system, process, logs, interviews and survey to be able to identify trends and outliers.

Process Re-designing

  • Time and technology are the two of many factors which result in processes getting out-dated.
  • To stay competitive processes need to be reviewed and improved.
  • More often than not, these efforts result in further challenges as the team responsible for re-engineering the process are too close to the process or struggle to anticipate stakeholders' reaction to re-engineered process

Process Automation

  • We assist management in re-designing processes to enable communication with developers, thus reducing cost and time as well as chances of confusion from either side.
  • We can work with your developers or recommend or affiliate software houses which have helped our other clients.